Been a long time…


It’s been some time since I updated the blog, but I am going to get right back into it. (Update: I had to restart and go find a coffee shop from which to post this, because Comcast is garbage.)

Summer Writing Program 2015 was…too much for one blog post. Let me just say it was everything I thought it’d be and a lot of things I had no idea it would be.

I met an amazing ton of great people, and so in hopes of connecting SWP and my own blog maybe I’ll do something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.

Listed below are all the pieces I’ve had picked up, along with a brief explanation and background. I hesitate to say “published” because they’re only online (though one piece is slated to be anthologized in an upcoming book…I hope), but they are out there and you can read them and someone else thought they were good enough to put out on their own sites so that’s got something going for it, right?

* * *

Colors,” O-Dark Thirty, February 2014 – this was my first piece and I’m proud that it was the Veterans Writing Project who picked it up. I used a version of this as my writing sample when I applied to JKS, so it’s got great sentimental value to me.

“My Own Private Boombox,Line of Advance, May 2014 – this was my first interaction with LOA, who’ve been great supporters of some non-NYC based veteran writing. They’ve also expanded from an online presence to digital downloads (basically $5 for a pdf full of good contemporary veteran writing). In fact, my short story “The Donkey Whisperer” (an adaptation of a chapter from my novel-in-progress) was picked up (available here in Volume 2) and this is the piece slated to appear in Alive Day, forthcoming this year. My poem “Christmas in Bamyan” appears in Volume 4 (here) and was a finalist for their Spring 2015 poetry contest (the first time I’ve ever received money for writing poetry).

My review of Julie Doxsee’s Little Monsters was an assignment for Small Press Publishing, a course I took last fall. We not only wrote reviews but also submitted them; mine was picked up by Atticus Review and can be seen here. Book reviews are evidently a great way to get some publishing credibility, and it shows that you read the work of other authors.

Ash & Bones has also been reliably good to and for me. I found out about them via Red Bull Rising, a blog run by Randy “Charlie Sherpa” Brown, who I met at the Military Experience & the Arts Symposium II in Lawton, Oklahoma, this past May. Back to A&B, they published my short story “Commit to the Deep” and my poem “Famous” – they’ve been very supportive of not just military voices, but many others as well.


It’s weird to think about self-promotion; I like to think of myself as a pretty low-key guy, someone who doesn’t trumpet a lot of his own noise (as I type this on my own blog, haha), but I’ve heard that part of the job of a writer who wants to be read is to self-promote. Thoughts?


I’ll try to organize my thoughts about SWP a little more for an upcoming blog post. In the meantime, if you’re a reader, thank you. If you’re a writer, thank you – and if you write you almost certainly read, and we need a little more of that in this world. Also kindness. Also iced tea when it’s hot. Also…

We could always use more also.